Soft Skills Enhancement


Employee Engagement Series

Employee engagement is simply the emotional commitment employees have towards their organization and its goals. It almost like treating the organisation as if they own it. It is not just a measure of employee happiness. Someone might be happy at work, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are working hard, productively on behalf of the organization. An organisation can do many things to make employees happy. But it is never the real measure of engagement.

To prepare participants the team and get the buy at the top level for the all the initiatives that will be implemented. To Align and upgrade IOS of the mind and become mentally ready for change.

For Top Team, C-Suites, SVPs, VPs, AVPs
As the top changes, the middle level carries the baton to cascade the change all the way to grassroots. To align the middle managers with top management and upgrade IOS of the mind.

For Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders
The bridge between manager and a leader is coaching. Managers will learn coaching skills to bridge the gap and play appropriate roles when the need to make the switch.

For GMs, SMs, Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders
This is at the tail end of the EE series and a necessary one to bring everyone together. Breaking barriers and bonding exercise to create teams that lead.

For all in vertical blocks. Top management all the way to non-exec staff


Genos Leadership Excellence With Emotional Intelligence Using 180 Degree Assessment Tools

This programme is specially designed program to help participants to discover the real roles, responsibilities and characteristics of a true leader as well as providing them insights on essential qualities and traits that define great leadership. This programme is suitable for learning and organisational development professionals, human resource practitioners, executive coaches and organisational psychologists.


Design Thinking Accelerating Innovation And Creativity

This course offers a systematic approach to innovation, the processes and tools towards becoming innovatively inclined in the workplace or even towards personal development. A user-centered and collaborative approach to problem solving. Design Thinking programme assist to develop the building blocks of creativity and innovation in any organisation. This also enable and empower organizations to become more innovative and creative – identify/analyse internal gaps and customer pain points and formulate a respons.


Sustainability & Governance: Towards Long Term Value Creation

Sustainability means inculcating the process of maintaining human needs while preserving the environment for future generations.  It also means we must use the available resources efficiently so that they will be available for many years to come.  Governments, businesses and organizations need set in their strategies vision of sustainability as well as to utilise tools and technology to advance this agenda.


Managing Change & Opportunity in the era of Industry Revolution 4

Adoption of technologies is aimed at replacing the repetitive work of humans with computer systems and machines to reduce errors, improve efficiency and productivity. This will lead to an eventual lower cost of production. There is also the adoption of technologies to transform the user experience, digital marketing and media outreach. Corporate leaders will need to be able to anticipate the market and fulfilment strategies of tomorrow. Being able to anticipate, transform, adapt and change will be key to success in a highly competitive world. Leadership is needed to appreciate the impact of the Industrial Revolution. This programme is designed to understand technologies innovation and changes from the perspective of an industrial revolution, to appreciate some of the core application technologies through case studies and success stories, to learn key principles of change management and strategies for operating model to ensure successful implementation of policies and to develop ideas and strategies transform and adapt as technologies become more and more pervasive.