Public Relations Consultancy and Marketing Communication


  • Corporate communication counselling, strategic planning and management of public relations programmes and marketing services to create awareness and strengthen the corporate image/branding of a company/organisation to ensure its sustainability among its stakeholders and target audiences.  
  • Creating and heightening company’s market perception towards positively improving its corporate goodwill.
  • Activities include the organising of relevant corporate and marketing communication programmes such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, direct interactive marketing initiatives at ground level engaging directly with the target audience, for example, exhibitions, forum, educational programmes, etc.
  • Exploring positive publicity opportunities to entice the main stream media coverage with both print and electronic media through direct Press interviews, issuance of Press releases, editorial opinion, etc.
  • Ghost- writing of editorial contents with selected media for senior management and/or nominated director on new ideas and/or opinion relevant to the industry.
  • Providing editorial content for social media, such as website, Instagram, etc on latest happenings within the organisation and its role in providing the “push” factor for the industry.
  • Publication of corporate newsletter, brochures and leaflets highlighting the corporate citizenship role as well as featuring on the range of products and service the company has to offer.
  • Production or publication of coffee-table book highlighting the company’s corporate journey, successes, range of products and services.