ESG Certification

Our Sustainability certification process brings together two of the industry’s best sustainability experts – The Turnkey Group and Planet Mark.

Leading software provider in Sustainability with a particular emphasis and deep experience of ESG and Risk management. UN PRI-listed and award-winning sustainability technology platform for private equity and infrastructure funds and their portfolio companies.

Have a diverse team of experienced professionals dedicated to linking environmental and social impacts to business performance for clients in over 7000 locations across 46 countries.

Turnkey Group’s ESG Sustain-Tech Platform automates the entire process such as data assessment, data extraction and independent validation process, to ensure that the data will be acceptable to our global certification partner –Planet Mark

The Planet Mark Certification is a recognized symbol of sustainability progress.

Planet Mark’s certification helps organizations to strengthen their ESG strategy and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Planet Mark enables organizations and their people to transform society, environment and the economy through measurement of carbon and social data, using our unique three-step process: Measure, Engage and Communicate.

Certification Process